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The SiteSell Affiliate Program rewards hard work and dedication by paying you more than "just" high, one-time first-purchase sales commissions. You can also earn...

  • bonus commissions on repeat-purchases (through customers who are yours for a lifetime), and
  • 2nd-tier commissions (through those affiliates who join the Program due to you).

All the tools, resources and guidance you need for success are at right here your fingertips.

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The SiteSell Affiliate Program Home


This is the main entrance to the Affiliate Club area, so be sure to bookmark this URL.

Find out the latest news and announcements which are continuously updated right on the home page. Use the clickable categories to explore important areas of the Club.

The SiteSell Promotion Center

Familiarize yourself with this all-important area of the Club right away.

Every one of your affiliate RR URL landing pages is listed in the Promo Center along with a link to a corresponding marketing strategy article. Develop promotions and pick the best RR URLs that fit and enhance your message.

Or use the RR URLs to brainstorm. Each one has a brief description of the page, giving great ideas for effective, original promotions.

Always send people to SiteSell via your unique Referral Redirect URL or RR URL (othewise known as your affiliate link). Each one writes your cookie onto a visitor, allowing us to track your sales.

Authorization Codes and Mail/Fax/Phone Orders

Your affiliate account is associated with your email address and is assigned an Authorization Code which is used internally by SiteSell. When someone who is cookied to you places an order via fax or regular mail, your Affiliate Authorization Code (not your RR URL) is reflected on the form. (See the screenshots below.)

Fax Order Form

Mail Order Form

SiteSell then matches your Authorization Code to your RR URL so that you are credited with the commission.

Online Marketing

Pick and choose RR URLs from the Promo Center's various landing pages each addressing a specific product, demographic, niche, etc. Plug those links right into...

  • your website or blog
  • your e-zine/newsletter
  • your email sig file
  • image ad

There are "tons" of great ideas and strategies in the Affiliate Marketing Guide. Use it regularly to inspire, to build out new Web pages, zine promos, and so forth.

Offline Marketing

A Harris Poll once showed that 72% of households are thinking about starting a work-from-home business. People who want to start an online business are all around you. You just need to tell them about SiteSell's two cutting edge e-business building solutions - SBI! and SBI! for WP.

When promoting offline, be sure to use the Remote Order Entry Form to ensure that sales are credited to you.

Banner & Image Ad Tool

Carefully selected banners quickly catch the attention of your reader. Choose from hundreds of images in several popular sizes from the Banner and Image Ad Tool. Each banner/image was created to compliment the corresponding affiliate landing page.

Video Promo Tool

One of the most popular Tools in the Club is the Video Promo Tool.

Choose from informational, instructional or emotional videos that are sure to resonate with your audience. Simply scan the video categories, choose one that best fits your niche, copy the code and paste it into your site or blog.

Commissions, Accounting and Cookies

The SiteSell Affiliate Program sets commission rates on a product by product basis. You can view the entire commission structure in the Affiliate Agreement. Commission payments are sent on the 15th of each month.

The Affiliate Program uses a 9-Month First-Exposure Fixed Cookie. For details on the cookie, click here.

How To View Commissions Earned

View the Accounting Home page in the Affiliate Club for a breakdown of all your commissions earned. You can also drill down to view information about your sales and your team. Even drill all the way down to a line-by-line report. It's like auditing SiteSell whenever you like!

The Accounting Archives section shows all previous payments sent to date.

For complete details on Accounting, see this section, here in the Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Other Visitor Statistics

Want an effective way to track how well various promotions work? Track first-time visitor Conversion Rates, as well as the number of first-time visitors to special offerings and business-specific sites.

The Concept of PREselling

PREselling (vs. selling) is so important, it deserves its own section.

PREselling is the process of putting a potential customer in a ready-to-buy mood before they even get to SiteSell.com (or any merchant website).

How do you do this? By building credibility and trust through relevant, quality, useful content and a unique voice.

When people arrive at any merchant from an ad or a "pitch," they often feel manipulated. They know the big sales effort is coming. So they arrive sales-resistant.


PREsell. And let the SiteSell landing pages you refer them to within your promotional piece do the selling for you.

Affiliates who succeed understand the difference between selling and PREselling, and have the commission payments to prove it.

Read this Marketing Guide article for more about PREselling.

Powerful Practical PREselling

Understanding PREselling is one thing. And it is important. Once you "get the concept," though, it's all about implementation... about "doing it."

And that's where "Powerful Practical PREselling" (PPP) comes into the picture. This set of articles and tools will help enable you write an effective page no matter who your audience is.

It's more work than just "uploading a banner," but as you will experience, it's more than worth it.

Join Us in The Affiliate Forums

The Affiliate Forums are a great place to get advice and learn from other SiteSell Affiliates. Visit as often as you choose. If you have any questions about promoting SBI! and/or SBI! for WP or you want to talk about news or announcements, come on by!

The best way to stay up to date with the affiliate forums is by subscribing to the RSS Feed.

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